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PS4 outsells Xbox One 2:1 in USA and 6:1 in PAL for March '15

Bloodborne reaches a million!

PS4 hits 20 million units sold worldwide

PS4 hits 20 million units sold worldwide, maintains a 2:1 hardware sales advantage over Xbox One worldwide

Tech Analysis 2 : Xbox One's "mystical power" campaign reaches "deceptive" heights

They are back! and on horse-back!

PS4 reaches 17 million units sold worldwide

PS4 outsells Xbox 2:1 globally in November '14 . Xbox One WON USA for the month


PS4 outsells Xbox One 3:1 globally for the month of October '14

PS4 outsells Xbox One 3:1 for October '14

Drive Club hits a million and outsells Forza Horizon 2 2:1

Drive Club sells a million and outsells Forza Horizon 2

PS4 reaches 11m worldwide courtesy of a Destiny Blitz

PS4 reaches 11m units worldwide 

The Last of Us : Remastered sells 1.5m copies at launch

LOU:R makes a massive impact on hardware sales as PS4 inches towards 10m

SONY and Micron joint-venture for PS5? 

What could happen when 2 tech giants come together for improving economies of scale?

Euro Sales for June 2014 : PS4 outsells Xbox One 6 :1 in Europe

PS4 comfortably thwarts Xbox One price cut in Europe

Exclusive E3, 2014 Leaks

Here's a glimpse of whats in store at e3,2014 !

PS4 versions of 2 major upcoming multiplatform games could be downgraded for "parity" clause

Publishers are downgrading their main "breadwinner" for shameful parity clause

PS4 hits 8 million units sold worldwide

Nothing stopping the SONY juggernaut


Breaking***A Titanfall Game in the works for PS4

EA dropping a Titan on PS4!

PAL Hardware sales for April, 2014

PS4 comfortably outsells Xbox One in Europe

Microsoft's Q3 earnings report validates Insiderp's numbers

Have you ever doubted our numbers?


Titanfall flops on Xbox 360 and "fades" away on Xbox One : The dangers of supporting dead horses

The ip itself is on the verge of demise 


PS4 sells 7 million units worldwide as Infamous : Second Son reaches a million at launch

Global sales of PS4 reach 7 million


Global Pre-orders for Infamous : Second Son reaches a million

Infamous : Second Son reaches a million in terms of pre-orders


Titanfall Xbox One has frame-rates dropping well below 30fps

How does the frame-rate of Titanfall - Xbox One version stack up?


Titanfall sells 700,000 copies but PS4 still outsells Xbox One in hardware sales

Titanfall sells 700,000 copies worldwide at launch


PS4 outsells Xbox One for the month of February,2014 in USA

PS4 outsells Xbox One in February , but only by a whisker!


SONY must bring "The last of us" to PS4

The critically acclaimed title has a high demand among PS4 owners!


Titanfall has over 570,000 pre-orders globally for Xbox One version, gameplay video of the "final" version emerge.

Impressive pre-order numbers for a fast paced multiplayer game !


Infamous: Second Son has over 600,000 pre-orders worldwide

More than Titanfall?


Next Gen Sales Race(updated as of January 26,2014)

Who is winning the sales race? How far is the ps4 ahead globally ?


HOT** PS4's CPU is more powerful than Xbox One's CPU

Does PS4 have an advantage in the CPU Department too?

Most impressive next gen launch title

Which is the most impressive next gen launch title?


List of sub HD games on PS4 and Xbox One

Here is a complete list of sub HD games on PS4 and Xbox One


PS4 vs Xbox One : A complete Analysis

Click on the link above for our complete breakdown on Xbox and PS4 specs