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SONY must bring "The Last of us" to PS4

You have heard it already, the critically acclaimed PS3 game "The Last of us" has sold 6 million copies worldwide. The game has won over 250 Game of the Year awards and most importantly, was loved by the editors of big media outlets. Killzone Shadowfall, despite having a brilliant multiplayer mode, was panned by many critics for not having a great single player campaign.On the contrary, a multiplayer only game like Titanfall, with frame rates dipping to as low as 15 fps on Xbox One, was given a free pass by many. PS4 is selling well and would continue to do so as long as multiplatform titles are performing better or running at a higher resolution on it. However, SONY must not become complacent. Reviews matter even to the most casual gamer, who might take a quick glance at IGN before shelling out 60$ on a game. Games like Uncharted 1,2,3 and "The Last of us" made the PS3 platform popular not just among gamers, but also among the editors and reviewers of various gaming sites. With the exception of anti-SONY sites like Gamespot* and Polygon**, a glorious PS4 port of "The Last of us" running at 1080p,60fps, would not only satiate the demand among Playstation fans but would help rekindle any lost love for the PS4 among the critics. By just going across several gaming forums like Neogaf and Gamefaqs, we can easily see the enormous thirst for a PS4 port of the stellar game. At the beginning of PS4's life cycle, SONY needs a magic bullet, which will pre-emptively bring all the love from reviewers for its new juggernaut.Multiplatform titles like COD, BF4, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed, have all sold better on PS4 globally because of performance advantage, but down the line, when the hardcore enthusiasts have all migrated to their respective platforms of choice, SONY would need games that would differentiate its platform from competition. SONY has plenty of exclusive titles coming out on PS4 this year and beyond, ,but they would need "The Last of us" in order to make sure that those exclusives don't becomes casualties of media hatred, as was the case of Killzone:Shadowfall. With enormous hype and momentum on PS4's side, reviews initially won't have any impact on hardware or software sales(eg KZSF) but would be beneficial in the latter part of the console's life cycle. Congrats again to SONY and Naughty Dog for the sales and unsurprisingly, we were also the first website who brought to you the correct sell-through numbers for "The Last of us"(January,22nd 2014), a month ago.


*sister site of CNET - the tech reviewing outlet is notoriously infamous for underrating SONY brand televisions and related accessories

** a site with an agenda after receiving 750,000$ from Microsoft for publishing rights.