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PS4 hits 8 million units sold worldwide

EDIT : A self proclaimed "faux" insider named "Tidux" on twitter claimed that our numbers are fake? Well, just like last time , you would be hearing from SONY's mouth within 2 weeks or so. We have been pointed fingers at by these fake insiders who get SONY's "inside" info from remote corners of Europe. Our stance on this is that you would be hearing from the horse's mouth within a matter of weeks.

There is nothing stopping the SONY juggernaut. As of May 19,2014 , PS4 has sold over 8 million hardware units worldwide* . It has roughly twice the install base as Microsoft's Xbox One, which sits at an uncomfortable 4.46 million units concurrently*. Killzone Shadowfall seems to be PS4's trojan horse. Almost 1 out of every 3 Euro/PAL PS4 owner has bought a copy of the visually aesthetic FPS. Here are the raw global numbers for hardware and software sales/preorders of PS4* :

PS4 - 8m units sold globally*

Killzone Shadowfall - 2.8m**

Infamous Second Son - 1.4m**

Knack - 1.3m (~90% of the sales being bundled units)*

We do not have the final software sales of Watch Dogs on PS4, but going by the near final numbers, the game roughly sold twice as much on PS4 in comparison to Xbox One . The game on PS4 sold more than a million copies within the first 3 days of its launch **. Watch Dogs boosted PS4 hardware sales by a significant amount in places like France and Germany, but we do not have the final numbers yet.

MGS : GZ has sold over a million copies on PS4**.

The PS4 version of Destiny has over 1 million preorders globally**.


*Numbers are as of May 19,2014

**Numbers are as of May 29,2014. 

Digital purchase counts for over 20% of the overall sales of Infamous and MGS : GZ